The “Grevena Anoixis Farm” is an integrated management farm. In an area of 665,4 hectares, Anoixis Farm organizes hunting and dog training activities, horse riding and cattle farming (of the Greek shorthorn cattle), while the wider area is ideal for small and big fish fishing.
The Anoixis Farm game sanctuary offers visitors the opportunity to hunt using different trails. This activity however is exclusively available during the Special Hunting Period applicable for each of the available game species.
Other annual activities include:
· A two-day hunting contest for continental breeds
· A two-day hunting contest for British and Irish breeds
· A two-day wild boar hunting contest
· A two-day hunting contest for hare hunting dogs
· A two-day truffle hunting for truffle dogs
· Exhibition of young dogs for sale from authorised Greek and European breeders.

In all contests, hunters will be invited to participate and vote for the three best dogs. Those who wish to vote will visit either our Facebook page or our webpage in Greece and Cyprus.


The shorthorn cattle breed is an endangered and protected breed according to the European Union. This breed was our first objective. Today, after six years of hard work, the cattle consist of approximately 75 young and adult animals.
They are free to graze in the pastures although there is an external shed for them to take shelter in the winter when there is snow. Newborn calves are taken care exclusively by their mothers.
Thus the herd develops exactly as in antique times. In addition to grazing, they are also given chickpeas, cardoons, peas and locally produced corn.


As regards plant production, our efforts have been focused on chickpeas, lentils, wheat and corn. We farm exclusively Greek seed varieties.
Our experiments have had quite positive results: very soon the Grevena Anoixis Farm will be able to mass produce and market its products via selected POS.