In recent years there’s a lot more concern regarding natural environment degradation. Most people have become aware of the enormous distance between modern man and his life style and nature, thus being able to react. Modern civilization, however, still preserves part of its “wild” origins.
In part, this is because hunting has been deeply engraved in man’s social “genetic code” as the way to survive; thus millions of like-minded people, the world over, are looking forward to hunting.

A hunting campaign or city break has many benefits, including the cultural value of hunting as a way to renew man’s relationship with nature.

Uncontrolled and unregulated hunting, however, destroys biodiversity. It is therefore necessary for us to define a set of criteria for the rational management of fauna.

Nowadays, hunting is mainly a cultural, social, economic and environment-related activity. According to recent data, there are approximately 6,200,200 hunters in the EU. The population percentage varies from country to country, from 5.89% in Finland (300,000 hunters) to 0.22% in the Netherlands (33,500 hunters).

In Greece, there are approximately 250,000 hunters or 2% of the population (including occasional hunters).
Nowadays, in order to fulfil the requirements of this population and, at the same time, ensure a rational environmental management based on the principle of sustainable hunting and balanced ecosystem management it is necessary to set up the so called game sanctuaries.

Game sanctuaries contribute in satisfying the urge for hunting in a context of sustainability and protection of our natural environment. At the same time, the required management planning leads to more rational restocking of the sanctuary with game animals, including birds, while the surrounding areas are also permanently restocked due to the escape, be it limited or extensive, of restocking game from the sanctuary.

Last but not least, game sanctuaries create job opportunities and foster economic activity.

Grevena Anoixis Farm was established in 2009. The vision of its founders is for it to become a genuine and relevant communication channel between man and nature.


As soon as the company was established, the management, with the assistance of expert scientists, began to study and record the area’s game wealth. Many interventions related to seeding and biotope improvement were made, including a set of works such as the first game fence of the area, the construction of three observatories, fire safety corridors and other infrastructure works. Finally, after six long years of study and preparation, we can safely declare that we are ready to start operating. Having been granted an operation license, we are proud to announce that the 2016-017 hunting season will be the first organised hunting season in Grevena Anoixis Game Sanctuary.


As of the 7th April 2016, the decision of the General Secretary of Epirus & Western Macedonia Decentralized Administration no. 47903/7-4-2016 characterizes and declares the eastern section of the privately owned woodland of Xiro as game sanctuary (GG B’ 1048/14-4-2016). As a result, as of the 15th July 2016, our estate (Anoixisfarm) will officially operate as game sanctuary according to an operating schedule which is to be shortly approved.

In addition to hunting, the Grevena Anoixis Farm has been very active in the field of preservation, development and exploitation of animal and plant food products. Particular emphasis is given to the development of local products.

More specifically, considerable progress has been made in developing the Greek shorthorn cattle breed. The Grevena Anoixis Farm is currently putting the final touch to a set of trade agreements with a number of big food product distribution chains regarding the development of game-originating foodstuffs, as well as organic and traditional products.


The main objective of our model farm, which is constantly in the lookout for new products and services, is to reunite man with his natural origins and to holistically renew his awareness of nature in a fair and relevant manner addressing his entire personality.


We promise you a unique hunting experience in a genuine hunting ground of extraordinary beauty. At the same time, we undertake to tap into the unique biodiversity-related resources of the area, in order to create a set of organic foodstuffs of high nutritional and health value.