The game sanctuary is located at the outskirts of Xiros private woodland. It extends to the North of Grevena Anoixis Village, southwest of Karpero and east of Anthrakia (Municipality of Deskati, Prefecture of Grevena).
The Xiros private woodland has an area of 665.4 hectares. Of these, 295.45 hectares will be devoted to bird hunting and 369.95 hectares to big fur game. Big fur game hunting will be made available as soon as the fencing works are finished.


The estate is located along the Grevena-Kalambaka National Road. It is 32 km away from Grevena or 34 km away from Kalambaka, depending on your starting point. It is 2.5 km to the North of Anoixis settlement.
Please contact us at: 6938 438629, 6949 016444 (Michalis Stergiou) e-mail: info@anoixisfarm.gr


Ktima Anoixi Map