Currently, there are clearly defined hunting seasons of extremely short duration. On the contrary, in game sanctuaries, such as the Grevena Anoixis Farm, hunters are practically allowed to practice their favourite sport almost eleven months a year. More specifically, in Grevena Anoixis game sanctuary, hunting is permitted from the 15/7/2016 to the 10/3/2017.
However, according to the provisions of article 8, paragraph 1, of PD 453/1988, the hunting season in our game sanctuary may be extended beyond those dates pending permission of the Forest Directorate of Grevena as long as the requirements set out by the above mentioned Presidential Decree are duly fulfilled.
In addition, our game sanctuary offers the following services:

  • Hunting dog training in real hunting conditions throughout the year.
  • Permanent accommodation facilities for hunting dogs (dog hotel).
  • Organization of hunting dog skill and agility contests.
  • Organization of various events, including environmental training and game biotope recognition courses.
  • Last but not least, hunting in a game sanctuary is safe with practically zero accident risk.


Grevena Anoixis Farm operation is far from exclusively focused on hunting and game. Other activities include hiking, environmental and educational tourism. One of the best known features of the area is its wealth of fossils that makes it the world capital of geological phenomena. The longest mammoth tusk in the world (six meters) is exhibited in the Museum of Grevena.
You may combine your stay in our Farm with Canoe Kayak and fishing tours, including big fish, religious tourism (visits to the nearby Meteora Monasteries) and skiing at the Vasilitsa ski resort.